Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interview with Terje Winther

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Check out this new interview with Terje Winther (of WintherStormer fame)
on the occasion of his new solo album, Electronic Regions, rooted in
Berlin School and ambient music.

With favourable reviews (example: "Woodwork is probably the best album
of its genre to come out of Norway ever") and always highly acclaimed
for their totally live concerts, WintherStormer has become Norway's
possibly sole ambassador for a kind of music generally associated with
artists and bands from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. While Berlin
School is perhaps too narrow a label to put on WintherStormer' s music,
their improvisional performances and long song structures - and rather
often catchy spheric sequencer patterns - hail from the Teutonic
soundworlds of the 70s, as well as other classic European space
electronica. Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze are among the main

However, both as a band member and as a solo artist with two albums
under his belt, Terje Winther has managed to develop a distinct style of
his own, a style which is far from the typical "Arctic electronica" of
so many other Nordic electronic music composers. On the occasion of the
release of his new solo album Electronic Regions, Planet Origo spoke to
Terje Winther about music, synths, live shows, WintherStormer and his
solo work.

Go to http://snipurl. com/terje

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