Monday, September 19, 2011

Forums Closing

It has been on the cards for a while now...
The forums are to close. This part of the website will still remain open but can only be accessed by using address and not

However, we are on Facebook - Facebook Group and also on Google + (invites only)

We will survive!

Cree (Blue)

Friday, February 25, 2011

syndae - episode 121

Watching the sky at this time of the year, clouds are quite domionant. Sometimes, they look smooth and cosy, sometimes they get dark and rough. For tonight's episode, we stick to their floating. About thirty minutes of ambient style music that has some peaceful and cosy beginning, but turning slightly angular and noisy to the end. A journey with changing weather so to say. Enjoy tonight's fleecy clouds with tracks by Appolonious & 33 Tetragammon, Cousin Silas, Dense Vision Shrine, Javi Canovas, John Daly, and Wounds.

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Yours, Stefan