Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Serene Files: Part One

The Ambient Collective are proud to announce their latest free download:

The Serene Files: Part One

01 - Mt. Sand (by Mooma)
02 - Monoid (by Eigensphere)
03 - Planetary Conjunction (by Modulator ESP)
04 - Serene (by Bluejooz featuring Cyra)
05 - Haze (by Michael Meara aka Sonarium)
06 - In The Company of Clouds (by Altus aka Mike Carss)
07 - COSSS (by usr/sbin aka Dennis Moser)
08 - Compersion (by Echosyn)
09 - Calmarse (by Echomatrix)
10 - Long Winters End (by Nimmo aka Fosel)

Special bonus track:
11 - The Full Serene Mix (mixed by Bluejooz)
All tracks mixed together to create a seamless listening experience.

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