Friday, November 5, 2010

Say "Bye" to The Human Catalyst and say hello to "The Great Schizm".

The artist known as "The Human Catalyst" has just released his last TWO albums under that pseudonym.

Taken from CloudHunter Records (UK)
They are THE ART OF BEING NOBODY and the DIVISION RAID EP, by The Human Catalyst.
They shall be the final releases under The Human Catalyst pseudonym; all future CDs will be 
part of the ambient project The Great Schizm. To get an idea what they will sound like, check
out the free release as part of The Ambient Collective, a mix of five tracks by The Great Schizm:

Both "The Art of Being Nobody" and the "Division Raid EP" can be found here.
As an extra special treat... if you click here you will be taken to a special mix created by Bluejooz of specially selected tracks written and chosen by The Great Schizm himself and then blended together.

All the best and... enjoy!

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