Friday, October 29, 2010

Special Release: Killed To The Bone

The Ambient Collective are very proud to release to you... a very special "Soundtrack To Halloween" release subtitled "Killed To The Bone".
Featuring eight superb horrorfest tracks.

01. "Comer Closer" by Annode
02. "The Beast's Domain" by Bluejooz
03. "Nightcrawl" by Andy Nicholas
04. "Retribution of the Purged Ones" by The Great Schizm
05. "The Darkness of the Unending Void" by Modulator ESP
06. "Dry Whisperings of the Dead" by Michael Meara (Somnarium)
07. "Past Midnight" by usr/sbin
08. "Night Terrors" by Steve Gane

Artwork by George Good.

Spread the word...
It IS free :)


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