Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tonights Radiocast (25/04/10)

This radiocast was aborted 10 minutes into the show due to a techncial fault at Spreaker.
It will be rescheduled for another timeslot... I will update you when the time is nearer.

Original Post:
The next radiocast on "Spreaker" will be on 25/04/2010 (Sunday) at 21:00 GMT

The playlist will be:

Album: Whispers in the Night - Track: The Park (edited version) by Bluejooz
Album: Infinite Space - Track: Sunspots by Gregg Plummer
Album :Quarks - Track: Topspin by Jujigen
Album: Colours - Track: Blue by Bluejooz
Album: Colours - Track: Silver by Slivercord
Album: Colours - Track: Green by Altus
Album: The Serene Files Part 2 - Track: Abstraction by Somnarium
Album: The Serene Files Part 2 - Track: To The Stars by Echomatrix

Playlist is subject to change.

Here is the url for tonights show. Remember this is live and doesn't start until 21:00 GMT.

Hope you can join me.

P.S. Only downside about using Spreaker is them damn adverts they pop in every 15 minutes so I'll try and keep the flow going...


  1. Hi,
    you can trigger the ads whenever you want (within the 15 min. frame) using the button on the low-left.

  2. Hi Francesco,
    I figured that pne out a little too late on the first one I did lol.
    Last nights Radiocast had to be pulled because Spreaker broke down. I will be doing the same cast again probably on Wednesday with any luck.
    All the best,