Sunday, May 3, 2009

We give you... "Zodiac"

The Ambient Collective are proud to present to you our latest release called "Zodiac".
12 tracks of pure ambient heaven spanning the genre. From sublime drone to full on epic movie style; IDM right the way through to stargazer...

The collaboration was conceived in January 2008 and was only finished this week when the last track arrived. The collection is very exciting to listen to and very, very relaxing too.

I would probably say that Zodiac is by far our best release to date... but I say that all the time ;)

Zodiac <--- Download

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  1. The music is good but you need to fix the download pack itself. The .Zip file on is missing the last two songs in album (Aquarious & Pices)

    Also, you need to create this as a proper album with metadata in iTunes or something. Every track has different file names, ID3 tag, album art, etc. When I imported it into the Zune software and iTunes it showed up as 10 separate audio files rather than one album.

  2. The zip file is automatically created by - nothing to do with us.
    They all been ID3tagged... again, it's a matter of sorting a lot of it out.
    Thank you for your comments,

  3. yes, regularly screws up the id3 tags :( it also seems to usually strip the files of any embedded cover art..
    i think the id3s are overwritten by whatever metadata you enter into the page when uploading to i also hope they get that sorted out...