Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ambient Collective... welcome back!

We have website again. We have actually been here all the time, especially on the forums, but I've decided to bring back the website side back. I know what some of you are thinking... "it's only a" but it suits us, well 'me', down to the ground... but enough blah blah... we have a few new releases!

The Ambient Collective are proud to present to you FIVE new releases.

They are exclusive mixes of material previously released on separate collaborations by individual artists. Each artist has had their tracks mixed together to create a fabulous aural experience.

They are free to download and keep.

Bluejooz - The Mix
usr/sbin - The Mix
Jujigen - The Mix
Altus - The Mix
Silvercord - The Mix



  1. greatttttttttttttt work u guys are doing. beautiful music ..just heard the altis one..omg..i was in heaven..super awesome. i am thanksful to god giving me the oppertunity to discover music like this..lovin it

    tyler ravindra
    Sri LAnka

  2. i've listened to the altus and the silverchord mixes, and they are both fantastic. i'm downloading the others now!

  3. Thanks Travis and Tyler.
    We are pleased that you're enjoying our releases.